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Co-authored by Sandra Reich, the presenter of our popular "Anxiety & Depression" workshop.

Relationship challenges? Feel like everyone else is getting a better deal than you in the game of life and love? Do the same patterns keep showing up? Do you feel like you didn’t get your copy of the “rule book” of successful relationships and life? Once Upon a Time… How Cinderella Grew Up and Became a Happy, Empowered Woman is a fascinating exploration of women’s roles in relationships considering the socialization of women from a fairy tale perspective and how that can set us up to fail in love. The book takes you through different roles women fall into whilst offering practical and useful strategies to avoid these dangerous traps that come from “fairy tale” thought patterns in love and life. You will learn:
• How to master the dance of love in male/female relationships.
• How “caretaking” your partner will end up backfiring.
• The seductive yet deadly trap of victimization.
• The self- sacrificing woman – troubles ahead. How to get out of martyrdom complex.
• Empowerment as the pathway to true happiness Written for women of all ages

“ How Cinderella Grew Up and Became an Empowered Woman” gives you your power back by helping you understand your role in your own life and in your relationships; allowing you to change your life and love life forever!

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