Physical Assessment Pearls

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Winnipeg - November 26, 2018          (Click here for price and venue details)

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Workshop from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. | What to Expect at the Workshop

Victoria Inn & Convention Centre (Note Revised Venue) | Venue Web Site
1808 Wellington Avenue | Map and directions

Presented by Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP

Barb Bancroft is a widely acclaimed nursing teacher who has taught courses on Advanced Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment to both graduate and undergraduate students. Also certified as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, she has held faculty positions at the University of Virginia, the University of Arkansas, Loyola University of Chicago, and St. Xavier University of Chicago. Barb is known for her extensive knowledge of pathophysiology and as one of the most dynamic nursing speakers in North America today. Delivering her material with equal parts of evidence based practise, practical application, and humour, she has taught numerous seminars on clinical and health maintenance topics to healthcare professionals, including the Association for Practitioners for Infection Control, The Emergency Nurses' Association, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and more.

Workshop Description

Join Barb Bancroft and learn to master Physical Assessment of your patient! In taking the history, learn to characterize the chief complaint by asking the right questions the “PQRST + AAA” way. Barb provides examples of how to use this mnemonic to get the most important information in the least amount of time. Barb will then guide you through assessment basics: where to “listen”, where to “look”, and where to “feel” if you only have a minute. Barb correlates anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology for each major system discussed. Refresh your knowledge on all the info you can glean from a basic vital signs evaluation. Barb will also discuss various drug classes and the side effects that can confound a physical exam. Join us!

Workshop Topics

Okay… So you only have 5 Minutes!
- The Patients' History, the Chief Complaint, Signs and Symptoms
- Using the PQRST Mnemonic as a Framework
- AAA – Associated Symptoms, Absent Symptoms, or ALARM Symptoms
- Revisiting the “Vital Signs”; The Importance of Critical Thinking
- For Example: Using the PQRST to Evaluate Various Types of Pain

Quick Evaluation of Vital Signs
- What's Not Normal? Special Vital Signs Considerations
- Heart Rate, Pulses…and Drugs
- Respirations – Use the KUSMAL Mnemonic
- Blood Pressure Evaluation…..and Meds
- Temperature - Special Considerations in the Elderly

Other Important Stuff
- Medications in the Elderly and their Effect on the Physical Assessment
- Evaluating Kids: Vertical Growth, and Iron; Heart Rate
- When is Weight a “Vital Sign” ?

The Physical Examination – Quick but Thorough
- Brushing Up Your Inspection, Auscultation, and Palpation Skills
- Sharpening Cardiovascular Exams - From Heart Sounds to JVD
- Improving Respiratory Exams – From Crackles to Hemoptysis
- Enhancing GI & GU Exams – From Quadrants to Acute Abdomens
- The Most Important Thing in a Gyne Exam
- The Two- Minute Neuro Exam
- Skin! Lesions, Rashes, Hives, & Cancer
- What You Need to Know about Something Called the “Likelihood Ratio”

Who Should Attend?

- Med-Surg & Acute Care Nurses Wishing to Refresh Their Skills
- Nurses New to Acute Care or Med-Surg Areas; Float Nurses
- Home Care, Continuing Care, or Geriatric Nurses
- Tele-Health and Occupational Health Nurses
- Nurses Wishing to Refresh Their Physical Assessment Skills

* This workshop may be too basic for critical care nurses *
* This workshop is not a “hands on” physical assessment course *