in How to Deal with Difficult People

How to Deal with Difficult People

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Workshop from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. | What to Expect at the Workshop

Victoria Inn and Convention Centre | Venue Web Site
1808 Wellington Avenue | Map and directions

Presented by Stacey Holloway, BScN

Stacey Holloway is a skilled interventionist in the fields of Human Relations and Organizational Development. Stacey focuses her talents and energy on organizational development - particularly, change education, change strategy consulting, and change leadership development. A graduate of UBC and Senior Trainer at the BC Justice Institute in the Centre for Conflict Resolution, she is an in-demand speaker. Stacey has conducted seminars for thousands across Canada and the United States. Her active, participatory seminars are charged with energy, humour, and creativity.

Workshop Description

Why is it that some people at work can be sensible and calm one minute and totally irrational the next? Why is it that some people will fight you every step of the way – you ask them to go right and they go left? Why do people do things to make their jobs so much harder than they need to be? And, what can you do when they try to do them to you? What is it about manipulative people – those who are pushy and aggressive, who take offense easily, who whine – that makes them so powerful? If work is work, why do we take things so personally? Is there anything you can do to deal with these and other types of difficult behaviour in today’s workplace? No one enjoys dealing with difficult people, yet it is an everyday part of life. This one day workshop and the ideas presented can help you skillfully disarm disagreeable people so your personal and professional relationships are less stressful and more enjoyable.

Workshop Topics

Why Are People Difficult... Or What They Didn’t Teach Us In Nursing School
- ‘Difficult’ or just ‘Different’?
- ‘Innocent’ or ‘Intentional’?
- Demonstrated Behaviours versus Personal Traits
- Pay-offs for Dysfunctional Behaviours
- ‘Upset’ versus ‘Difficult’

Understanding Difficult Behaviours
- Difficult People Defined
- Who is Difficult for you to Deal With?
- Specific Challenging Behaviour Patterns
- Do’s and Don’ts for Managing ‘Difficult’ Interactions

- The Triple ‘F’ Response
- How to Turn Exasperation into Empathy
- A Four-part Process for Dealing With Difficult People
- A Distanced View of Close Things
- A Helpful Self-Management Strategy - Coping Self-Talk
- Tips for Overcoming Negative Aspects in Yourself

Name The Game
- Know Your Hot Buttons; Make the Covert Overt

Turn Conflicts Into Cooperation
- Helpful Tips for Managing Conflict and Anger
- Acknowledge, Don’t Argue; Side-stepping Debates
- Helpful Communication Techniques for Responding to Difficult People
- The Five ‘F’ Formula

When Difficult People Don’t Change
- Organization Strategies
- Continuum of Intervention in Conflict; When to Call in Help

Who Should Attend?

* Staff in Healthcare and Social Services Settings
* Nurses, Educators, Managers

** This is NOT a Violence in the Workplace workshop **